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Medical Preventive Reseach Charity

This is about  a new Global Medical Preventiv Reseach Charity   MPRC  in need of donations

This non profit  charity will  support local medical professionals ( human Dr and Veterinarians)

who have got in touch with local diseases and started medical research to find the cause,how to treat  and prevent the disease

Look at the web page or

Sweden :SEBank: Swift/Bic code ESSESESS   IBAN nr: SE855 0000 0000 5622 0043 855  for international money transfer      to support this charity

If you donate to this charity  you become a member of this  MPRCharity

We apreciate any kind of donation that support  this preventive medical reseach Charity

This charity was introduced  from help request from a veterinarian who had got in touch with sick horses in Ghana and  10-20 horses had died in Ghana between October to march/year for 10 years with similar signs and the authorities did not care. We supported him for analyse  expensies  and he found the cause  that can be prevented.

This charity have supported a medical research to find a new method of Buruli  Ulcer treatment to reduce the need of amputations of legs / arms on kids in tropical climate, but we have not had money to support the production of the new medicin for the wound treatment yet.(62000 US D)   Another area are  research to find Xenoestrogens behind reproductive organ diseases as fibroids and breast cancer in Ghana

Xenoestrogens are a global problem with local variations.

We also inform local medical professionals about  new diagnostic issues and methods.As example: People who do not answer on Malaria treatment  might have babesia infection and to diagnose that a PCR test is required.

And we need donations  of any size now to continue the support of Medical Preventive Reseach

Best regards   MPRCharity president   Thomas Lundgren +46769 354598

Brodakra67   31294 Laholm  SWEDEN