Medical Preventive Reseach Charity MPRC

MPRC  is a charity to support lokal medical professionals around the globe  ( Human Dr and veterinarians ) who have started medical research to find solutions on lokal medical problem they have been in contact with and realised that  medical preventive research can reduce the suffering among people/ animals in the area.

MPRC has supported a reseach to find the cause why  10-20 horses had dyed in neurological signs /Year for more than 8 years in Accra,Ghana    It was a mycotoxin that killed them.

MPRC has supported a research to find a new Buruli Ulcer wound treatment to reduce the need of amputations of kids in tropical climate. The method is developd but we did not have money to support production of a new wound treatment medicin.

MPRC  are also informing lokal medical professionals about new diagnoses and treatments

MPRC  are going to support Xenoestrogen research in Food and water in Ghana as the population suffer from Oestrogen dominance symptoms   as example wommen get fibroids already at an age of 25 and breast cancer show up around 40.

If you want to donate look at the web side and if you do donate you will be a charity member

Web page:           email:

Best regards from the charity president   Thomas Lundgren


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